Maricruz Hairstyles
Maricruz Hairstyles
Bridal Hairstyling On Location

About Maricruz



Every bride should enjoy every second of their beautiful day without having to run around trying to get exactly what they need and want.

Instead of going to the salon…… Let the salon come to you.


Although I have accumulated enough knowledge throughout more than 14 years of experiencing in the industry and I am fully skilled to serve clientele with different tastes from a elegant vintage, modern, classic, bohemian, or simplistic, my philosophy is that a bride always looks her best when she has confidence, comfort and the feeling that she looks beautiful with what she is wearing.

I bring my experience, my skills and my knowledge. You bring your enthusiasm and excitement for your upcoming event and together will bring out your vision.

About the Stylist

Sometimes clients ask me if it is nerve racking or difficult to spend most of my weekends working with brides, my answer is always "No". Not only because I love what I do, but I feel it is an honor to be part of big occasion like getting married. Seeing the bride's whole look come together and getting "Thank You" notes in which my styling work is part of the picture is awesome! 

I enjoyed my 10 years learning, working and experiencing life as a Hairstylists in the absolutely fun, trendy and always changing Newbury Street in Boston. Since then, I have been working in my own with my with my brides.

Recently I opened my studio in the Boston Financial District, I am looking forward to meeting new clients and continuing to serve my regular clientele.

If I am not at the salon cutting or coloring hair or if I do not have a weekend wedding, I can most likely be found traveling abroad, dancing Argentinian Tango somewhere around Boston, having a pastry or a slice of cake in a bakery with my husband.